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An advertisement is one of the founding pillars of the Internet today, as much as some people would like to deny it. Most websites are funded by advertisement, and this includes us. However, we are completely transparent about the content that has been funded by third parties and published on our site. There are no hidden ads or anything integrated into our articles that would point you out to a certain brand or product.

We take this issue very seriously as we want to make sure that our readers only receive the best content. Our editorial content is distinguished from advertisement and sponsored content quite clearly. There are several principles we follow when it comes to publishing ads on our site.

1. The Choice is Ours reserves the right to reject, remove*, or cancel ads at any time if they are deemed inappropriate for the purpose of our site. If an ad is rejected, removed, or canceled, an explanation will be given concerning the reason.

2. Non-Endorsement

Despite the fact that certain ads may appear on our site, we do not in any way, shape, or form endorse or recommend the products, services, or manufacturers displayed on the ads. Our agreement to display such ads should not be interpreted as such endorsement.

3. Ads we DO NOT Accept

Because of the nature of our site, content, and readership, there are certain types of ads that Consumer TV will accept under no circumstances. These include but are not limited to the use of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, pornography, and more. We will also not accept ads that include explicit content, are deceptive, illegal, or morally objectionable. Ads that will also not be accepted include but are not limited to those that ridicule or discriminate people based on race, gender, age, handicap, a nation of origin, and more.

4. Clear Distinctions

There is a clear distinction between the ads and our editorial content. We never want to confuse our readers about the nature of what they’re reading. All ads are identified explicitly. Sponsored links or banners are also clearly visible and recognizable.

Sometimes, we may publish sponsored content on our site – content that has not been written by our editorial staff but by a sponsor. In such cases, the content will be distinguished as sponsored content. We want to ensure that our readers do not confuse our own editorial content with sponsored content. Sponsored content also has to go through the rigorous editing process that our own content goes through in order to ensure that our readers always receive excellent, up-to-date, and useful information.